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Tobacco tax rise comes after carette An unopened T206-era pack is FAR rarer than collectors realize. Tobacco tax rise comes after carette prices soar 343 per cent in 20 years

Manchukuo Stamps, Kwantung Carette Tax Paid We have also seen numerous unopened packs offered for sale and at at public auction elsewhere as possibly containing a T206 that, upon checking the packaging, with a little research, were simply NOT from the T206 era. The Japanese issued their own tobacco tax revenue stamps for use in this region. South East Asia Revenues as a Tobacco Tax Stamp dating to c1935, in this.

Oklahoma Tax Commission - Carette Tax Stamps - There is no overprint on the tax stamp, a fact which does not allow us to date the pack more narrowly than from 1911 to 1917 (all Piedmont packs from this span of years look exactly the same with the exception of a possible overprint which, if present, would allow for an even more precise dating), but we know with certainty that 1911, the final year of issue for T206 cards, is a possibility. If you need to order stamps and do not have an OkTAP account, complete the online OkTAP account registration. Carette tax stamps will not.

Tobacco <em>tax</em> rise comes after carette
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