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Glass Mellors & Kirk We built a large collection over the years, and do have some paperwehts for sale - please contact us if you would like more information on any shown. Glass. From ancient Venetian beads dating back to 3,000BC to the sale of the Caithness Glass Factory Museum's paperweht collection, Mellors & Kirk's.

Caithness paperweht collection - Glass Message Board Many paperwehts in circulation were made in China or Murano, and so we have included: We can probably help you with the identification and valuation of your paperwehts (whether for sale, insurance or probate) - please ask, as we do not charge for this unless you want a written report. It is often worth checking our We retired from our professional careers over ten years ago to live in Somerset, and now spend a lot of time on what was our hobby - collecting glass paperwehts. I have been given a collection of Caithness paperwehts from the 70s. of the editions were as low as 270 and 360 made and date from 1972.

Paperwehts by Caithness and Royal Crown Derby- Free UK Delivery For an overview of paperwehts more generally, have a look at World Paperwehts by Fleming & Pomerencke. Caithness glass and Royal Crown Derby paperwehts. Huge range of glass and ceramic paperwehts by Caithness Glass and Royal Crown Derby.

Best images about Paperwehts on Pinterest Here are links to various collectors clubs around the world, and to books that can help you understand more about the fascinating and complex subject of paperwehts; to various glass paperweht sites; to paperweht makers and dealers; and to other related are also pages to help you identify glass paperwehts - but this is a complex and difficult topic, so there are no guarantees of success! CAITHNESS Flower of Scotland Art Glass Paperweht Purple Lattice Green. Sned on the bottom with a new complex snature / date cane that includes the.

The National Glass Collectors Fair Glass News. Quarterly Fine Art Sales usually include examples of traditional collectors’ glass such as 19 century French paperwehts, Lalique and Gallé and other Art Nouveau/Art Deco cameo glass. You can also keep up to date with the latest glass news via Twitter and . 'Encyclopaedia of Caithness Glass Paperwehts The First 40 Years'.

Caithness Paperwehts Guide. eBay You will see from our excellent feedback that we are completely reliable, and provide hh quality pieces. All Caithness Limited edition's are marked on the base Caithness Scotland together with the name of the paperweht and the edition number. If the base is to.

Ysart Glass Paperwehts information from the Virtual Glass Museum From ancient Venetian beads dating back to 3,000BC to the sale of the Caithness Glass Factory Museum’s paperweht collection, Mellors & Kirk’s auctions offer antique and collectable glass of every type and period. Ysart Glass paperwehts - identifying work by Paul Ysart and the Ysart family. Some of Paul's wehts have paper labels helping identification and dating. During. Paul joined Caithness Glass in a cal / Training capacity during 1963.

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