Embarrassing hookup confessions

Spring Break Hookup Stories and Vacation Confessions We get scared of noises when we’re home alone and arm ourselves like Rambo. We wonder if our dog is judging our sexual/masturbation habits. We use inappropriate household items as cum rags, multiple times. Jan 27, 2017. 12 Juicy Spring Break Confessions That Actually Happened. I snuck out for a secret hookup. I embarrassed myself to impress a girl.

Women Share Super-Embarrassing Confessions - Cosmopolitan We’re totally baffled by 90% of household/vehicle maintenance. Jun 2, 2016. 11 Women Share Super-Embarrassing Confessions. More From Cosmo Confessions · 8 Wedding. 10 Crazy Coworker Hookup Stories.

Gurl Editors Share Their Most Embarrassing Hookup Stories Gurl. We pretend not to like girly pop songs/reality shows. We say we’re into of a lot of outdoor manly shit when really we just want stay indoors, get drunk and play video games. Jun 9, 2013. We love hearing your embarrassing hookup stories in our Hookup Confessions! Y'all deal with some pretty mortifying experiences. While we.

Your Awkward/Embarrassing/Weird Hookup Stories Of the Week. We sit down to piss while drunk because we’re unsure of our ability to aim when shitfaced #holdmydick 6. We hook up with the trashiest girl at any party because we have ZERO game, or…. We hook up with a girl we think is out of our league and then act like an insecure, smothering, little bitch. (we totally sprint up the stairs from the basement too. Jun 30, 2014. About a month ago I reached out to my friends/readers to share their awkward/embarrassing/weird hookup stories with me, the feedback was.

What She Left Behind - Disclaimer: this is in no way a personal admission, just stories from friends (ok so maybe some of these are personal admissions, but I’ll never tell which ones! Cheers to the fucked up and sad people we truly are…may no one ever find out which ones are true about me. That the characters in this legend are described as having just met through a casual hook-up mht be considered merely a plot point The embarrassment.

Spring Break <strong>Hookup</strong> Stories and Vacation <strong>Confessions</strong>
Women Share Super-<em>Embarrassing</em> <em>Confessions</em> - Cosmopolitan
Gurl Editors Share Their Most <strong>Embarrassing</strong> <strong>Hookup</strong> Stories Gurl.
Your Awkward/<strong>Embarrassing</strong>/Weird <strong>Hookup</strong> Stories Of the Week.

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